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New to Sugaring?

Follow these six, simple steps below for the ultimate Sugaring Experience!

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Two Weeks of Hair Growth!

Hair has three different cycles that typically take two weeks to completely grow out, so if you want a long lasting, smooth result, it is best to have two weeks of growth on any area of the body. If it is less than two weeks, the new hair may start growing in quicker than anticipated, and the results of the sugaring session will not last as long as it potentially could.




It is extremely beneficial to exfoliate the chosen area before having a sugaring session. This will loosen the hair follicle so it is more easily removed. This can help lessen the pain and give you a more long-lasting result.


No Oils/Lotions!

Please do not put any oils or lotions on prior to a sugaring treatment. This can change the consistency of the sugar, and it will not adhere to the hair follicle  nearly as well.


Avoid tanning!

Because certain skin types are much more sensitive to the sun’s rays (or tanning beds), please avoid tanning 24-48 hours before your appointment.


Comfy Clothes!

After the first session of sugaring, the skin can feel slightly tender. Wear comfy clothes/panties before the first Brazillian Sugaring.



The first sugaring session can be scary! Take a deep breath, relax, and remember that the visit should take less than 30 minutes! (Depending on the area). You’ve got this!

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