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Welcome to SugarMeBare! My name is Kelly B, and I am an Alexandria Professional Sugar Hair Removal Specialist serving the greater Cleveland area.


As a young woman growing up, I knew how incredibly important it was to feel beautiful and confident in your own skin. My goal is to have you feeling not only physically beautiful, but mentally beautiful as well.


I have been an advanced Sugaring Specialist for over  years, and I continue to grow and learn in my field of expertise so I can provide you and your skin the best experience as possible when you are in my loft.


When you visit SugarMeBare, I will provide you a consultation with your specific skin type, and I will work together with you to create a schedule of sugaring treatments and before and after care that will leave not only your skin glowing, but you glowing as well.


When I am not in my studio, I spend my free time on the water in the summer, and traveling to beaches whenever time allows. I am a bookworm when it comes to holistic health, nutrition, and personal growth, in hopes that I am able to share whatever knowledge I have with my guests. 


My guests have labeled me as a “gym rat” so you may find me there or at home on my Peloton bike.


Please visit my “New Guests” tab on my website if you are new to Sugaring, or if you have specific questions please email me at


I cannot wait to meet you, your family, and your friends, and introduce you to the wonderful world of Sugar Hair Removal.

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