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I have been a hair stylist for nearly 10 years. My passion is to build a lifelong career in an industry where I can create my own unique schedule, and therefore have an exceptional amount of time to devote to my family.

Five years ago, I sought out a specialty service that other salons were just not offering- body sugaring. I have an advanced training certification in Alexandria Professional Sugar Hair Removal. SugarMeBare is an amazing place where women can feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. 

A large part of my guests enjoy the results of the Sugaring Experience, and many of my guests also take advantage of my exceptional hair skills. Please visit my Facebook or Instagram in the link at the end of my bio to discover if I am the best fit for your hair goals. For me, there is nothing more fulfilling to know that I have created a gorgeous look for the guest sitting in my chair.  I am confident you will leave my loft looking your best.

Health and fitness is also an extreme passion of mine. I believe I must be in the best mental and physical shape so that when you step foot into my loft, I am able to provide you with my services at a 110% level. I cannot wait to meet you, your family, your friends and offer you a lifelong relationship where you will not only leave feeling physically beautiful, but mentally beautiful as well.


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All recurring 3-5 week Brazilian Clients at SugarMeBare will receive 15% off their Brazilian Services.






Salon Lofts

3141 Westgate Drive Loft 15

Fairview Park, OH 44126


Monday 10:00 - 8:00

Tuesday 9:00 - 9:00

Friday 9:00 - 6:00

Saturday 8:00 - 4:00



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